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RESET: Ten Steps to Spiritual Renewal

Hardback Book

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Product Code: TSRHBK

Is it time for a spiritual RESET in your life?

Take the RESET challenge and begin your own spiritual renewal journey with this encouraging book based upon the book of Nehemiah.

While studying the book of Nehemiah, Dr. Jeremiah discovered a simple and profound blueprint for spiritual renewal that made all the difference in the lives of God’s people back, then, and it is just as relevant today —the need for spiritual revival.

From the firm foundation of the power of God's word, RESET addresses nine commitments and attitudes that are essential for spiritual revival. Discover practical ways to reignite your walk with God through RESET—Ten Steps to Spiritual Renewal.
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Product Specifications

Product Code TSRHBK
Number of Pages 272
Number of Chapters 10
Cover Hardback
Dimensions 5.75 x 8.63
Publisher Turning Point
Copyright Date 2016
Features Closing prayer for each reset
A Reset Your Thoughts and Actions section for each reset
Jeremiah Bible Study Series
Study Guides
The Jeremiah Study Bible
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