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The Handwriting on the Wall

Softcover Book

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From a young captive to an elder statesman and wise advisor, the life of Daniel is a study of one man’s faithfulness and courage in a foreign land.

The Handwriting on the Wall is a complete study on the book of Daniel. As an interpreter of visions and dreams, Daniel became God's man in many key situations during the Babylonian captivity. Yet his prophecies also have far-reaching significance that is relevant in our lives today.

In this book, Dr. Jeremiah shows how an understanding of prophecy opens the pathway to dynamic living today. What you believe about the issues in this book can determine whose side you are on when God decides to draw the curtain on the drama of history. To know the book of Daniel is to learn how to live faithfully today, and to anticipate the future with confidence.

Product Specifications

Product Code HOWBK
Number of Pages 248
Number of Chapters 20
Cover Softcover
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Copyright Date 2013
ISBN 978-0849933653
Features Three main parts--Prologue, Destiny of Nations, and Israel's Future
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